Mattress Groups

The Coaster Collection of mattresses are created to give you the restful, refreshing night's sleep you deserve. Layers of foam work to support your body and keep you aligned throughout the night. Different mattresses feature a variety of foam. Create a luxurious sleeping experience in your home with the Coaster Mattress Collection.


Maui Plush Mattress Group

New Arrival

Our Maui Pillow Top mattress provides plushness and pampering for your body.

Mavericks Mattress Group

Our Maverick's Firm mattress is made with our Tencel quilted top panel and is the firmest mattress in our line.

Crystal Cove Plush Mattress Group

Our Crystal Cove Plush mattress creates a weightless, cradling sleep experience that will allow you to wake up feeling refreshed. This mattress was designed to provide a softer surface comfort with superior body contour.

Marbella Pillow Top Mattress Group

The Marbella Pillow Top mattress provides ultimate relaxation and pampering. Experience complete comfort and support while keeping your body's natural alignment intact.

Bunkie Board

Our bunkie board is a 2" wood foundation wrapped in tan fabric, which is ideal for bunk beds, day beds, and beds that require a very low profile foundation to support the mattress.